Museveni appoints Madrama, Musoke, Musota as Supreme Court judges, Kihika as Court of Appeal Judge

President Museveni has appointed Justices Christopher Madrama Izama, Stephen Musota and Elizabeth Musoke to the Supreme Court bench according to a release from State House .The Supreme Court will now have 13 justices and only seven are needed to determine constitutional petitions.

Mr Museveni had also appointed his lawyer and director Legal Affairs at the NRM Secretariat , John Oscar Kihika as Court of Appeal judge. Kihika has been one of Museveni’s many lawyers who have represented him in various election petitions. He is also a senior partner at Byenkya, Kihika & Co Advocates, a private law firm.

“In the exercise of the powers vested in the president by Article 142 (1) of the 1995 constitution, I have, acting on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission, appointed persons listed as Justices of the Supreme Court  and Court of Appeal, respectively,” Mr Museveni said in the statement .

Accordingly, the names of the appointees have been forwarded to the Speaker of Parliament for vetting.

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