There has been mixed reactions after soft spoken Health Minister Dr. Ruth Aceng has warned about a new threat of Covid-19 following an upsurge in reported cases across the country . Dr. Aceng stated thus ;”We have started experiencing an increase in the daily number of COVID-19 cases compared to the stable trends we observed since January 2022. This increase is similar to the rise we faced in June 2021 when the Delta variant was prevalent.

” However, as a country, we are well prepared to respond and save lives than before. We have no indication for travel restrictions, or lockdown in the current circumstances. We will optimize the existing control & mitigation tools at personal & community levels

“These measures include: vaccination for all individuals, wearing of face masks at all times especially for the vulnerable population and, hand washing. Keep safe and keep Uganda safe. It’s possible!,” Dr. Aceng stated on her official twitter handle.

However , the public’s reaction about the reported increase in the number of Covid 19 cases has been mixed with people saying the the country should now move forward and accept to cope with the Covid issue without causing an economic meltdown .

Among those who argued in support of a measured approach devoid of lockdowns was the outspoken Minister of Agriculture Frank Tumwebaze who also used his twitter handle to counter his cabinet colleague by warning the “world” to desist from spreading what he termed as “propaganda”that is aimed at scaring the population with another Covid catastrophe .

Tumwebaze countered his cabinet colleague and warned about “Covid scaremongering “

” I honestly think that the world should collectively reject the re-emerging #COVID19 scare. Let people accept & cautiously live with it just like any other influenza or HIV . The idea of imposing travel restrictions & sending economies to more recession is a worse pandemic,” Tumwebaze stated adding that ,” I hope those businesses profiteering from the #Covid restricted world aren’t going to invest in amplifying the #Covid scaremongering. People can honestly continue to observe #SOPs & have vaccination drives scaled-up BUT NOT impose economically impairing restrictions.”

Another Ugandan said ,”Those business profiting from COVID-19 should do what we the entrepreneurs call ‘pivoting’. Making some changes to your line of business so as to fit in the changing market. For example, those doing masks and sanitizers can redirect into clothes, making soap, and other cleaners!”

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