Military Police Deployed To Deal With Errant Army Drivers

The UPDF has finally taken action by deploying its miliary police to deal with errant military drivers that are a nuances on Ugandan roads normally driving on the wrong side of our highways with blaring sirens .

Now, the UPDF’s DDPIO ,Col Deo Akiiki, has told the media that the UPDF Military police traffic department has been deployed to reinforce Uganda police force traffic specifically to guide on the best way some of the UPDF drivers should use the road.

This was after public complaints to the leadership of UPDF about the increasing indiscipline army officers while on the road. “The military police will also deal with unauthorized persons using military stores like uniforms and jackets to intimidate traffic officials as well as check on compliance to military standard operating procedures by our own drivers and officers while on the road,” Akiiki stated .

The operations will be impromptu especially in KMP to keep everyone safe on the road.

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