Lady MP’s Sophisticated Mercedes Causes Bomb Scare at Parliament.

While many Ugandan peasants and workers thought sh200 million given to each MP to buy a car was too much money, the Amuria Woman MP, Suzan Amero instead must have added a lot more of her own cash to buy the car of her taste.

Suzan’s Mercedes GL20 CDI 4MATIC is both a luxury SUV that also has the attribute for tough action, and can reconfigure to an off-roader at the touch of a switch, raising the body high above the ground and leaving the wheels alone to contact the ground if driving through bad conditions like potholed roads or no roads at all.

As she was rushing to Parliament on Friday morning, the honourable Woman representative of Amuria put the car into jungle mode but forgot to readjust it to normal when she reached smooth tarmac, and on arriving at parliament just parked and rushed to go and legislate for Mother Uganda.

However the car is not meant to stay in the off road mode for long while stationary, so at exactly 09.30 am, it collapsed back with a bang so loud that business at parliament came to a stand still as people, still jittery from this week’s bomb blast on Parliament Avenue, thought it was another terrorist attack. 
Even the security personnel thought it as was a bomb and the Sergeant At Arms Ahmed Kagoye was the first to rush to the scene as other security people, staff, honourable members and visitors to parliament were running away as far as possible from the premises. 

Kagoye’s sniffer dogs however found no bomb in or around the car, and Hon Suzan Amero came and explained what had happened. She then calmly eased the big car into normal state at a mere remote flick and the situation at Parliament returned to normal.

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