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in Bulange Mengo

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga has praised Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo for his humility when he visited Bulange-Mengo the seat of the kingdom’s government to tender his apology to the Kabaka and people of Buganda.

The Chief Justice had come to Bulange to offer his apology following his remarks that Kabak Mutebi had sought medical treatment in Germany using a presidential jet referring to the Kabaka as an “ethnic leader.” The remarks made at the home of the late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah created animosity among the people of Buganda and Ugandans at large. 

Mayiga later clarified that Kabaka Mutebi had used KLM for his trip to Germany. Following the public backlash ,the Chief justice has since apologized for his remarks .

After their cordial interaction this morning – Katikkiro Mayiga has issued a statement which was published on his verified social media platforms. Mayiga stated thus , “I hosted the Chief Justice His Lordship Alfonse Owiny Dollo at Bulange this morning. I commend him for his humility he has exhibited. Him coming here is an expression of humility which we appreciated very much.

“I commend him for being courageous. For him to acknowledge something that didn’t go well with others requires a lot of coverage. In Buganda we say friendship follows a fight (Omukwano guva mu Ngabo). He came as a friend and he is going as a brother.

I urge all Ugandans to leave what was said behind us. The people of Buganda and those of Acholi have more in common than what divides. We should give Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah a befitting send off next week well knowing that we have undertaken this process. There is nothing more that needs being done. We just need to go move forward. Deepen our friendship and unity amongst all of Ugandans,” Mayiga stated .

He thanked the members of the Inter Religious Council who attended the meeting.” I want to thank the Chief Justice’s entourage.  Thank you very much.” Archbishop Dr Kazimba Mugalu, Bushop Zziwa and other leaders of the Inter Religious Council attended the meeting.’

The Chief Justice was accompanied by among elders from the Acholi sub-region who included , Ambassador Olara Otunu and Justice Ochan .

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