Chief Justice Owiny Dollo And  Attorney General (AG) Kiryowa Slam  Some Young Lawyers For Unethical Behaviour

The outspoken Chief Justice Owiny Dollo and the head of the bar ,Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka have  slammed some members of  the Uganda Law Society  (ULS)  for their overbearing behavior against judicial officers .

This  follows a fallout between some members of the ULS and judges who make decisions that are not favorable to litigants . The angry lawyers had even called for the boycott of New Law Year 2024 which was held  at the High Court in Kampala.

But both the CJ and AG in their speeches at the colourful function asked the lawyers not to cross the “red line” by overstepping their mandate in the administration of justice .

CJ Owiny-Dollo, said that by attacking  judicial officers for  decisions made in courts of law was well over “the red-line and a no-go area.”  He said that lawyers are not commodity traders but officers of the court and they must maintain that decorum .

He wondered why some errant  lawyers would stoop so low as to describe the genitalia  of judicial officials on social  media.  HE said judges will not be intimidated by anyone and they will render judgements without affection , fear or favour .

Owiny –Dollo said a meeting is going to take place to have a frank discussion on the strained relations between some lawyers and the members of the bench .

Bernard Oundo, the President of the Uganda Law Society expressed concern over a section of lawyers who boycotted the event.

Oundo said that if lawyers were dissatisfied with a judge’s ruling there are elaborate set procedures to file an appeal in a higher court .

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