By Our Traffic Reporters

Kampala authorities are set to introduce the Yellow Box Junctions seen in the developed cities -to control and reduce traffic jam within the city .

The Yellow Box Junction has been set up at the Kabira country club and Kira road traffic lights junction -to control the flow of traffic and avoid jam at the crossroad -at anyone given time. The Yellow Box junctions (YBJ) are road traffic control measures enforced at junctions to avoid gridlock.

But many drivers who are not familiar with these measures will require some public information on what to do when one approaches a junction with the yellow box. In simple terms where there is a Yellow Box Junction , a driver will not be allowed to enter that yellow box area unless he or she is sure that the exit route or lane they are taking clear of traffic even when the GREEN light clears them. But the same rule allows those turning on the right to continue .

Drivers who will block the yellow box junction will be penalized meaning that no -car is allowed to stop in the marked yellow box junction.

The traffic book-rule is to the effect that no driver is allowed to enter the yellow box junction unless his or her exit road is clear of traffic. So If a driver stops in a yellow box junction and their exit is not clear – they will have committed a traffic offense and will be liable for a penalty and or fine .

Some road users have castigated Kampala City council Authority and the Uganda Traffic police for introducing these otherwise good innovative interventions to deal with the traffic jams that have become a nightmare within the city- without first carrying out a major public education and awareness campaign .

“KCCA has the resources to engage the various media platforms o engage with the city drivers to ensure the proper implementation of the Yellow Box Junctions . The drivers need to know what to do before they are penalised ,” Ruth Kisakye who drivers along the Bukoto route where the first Yellow Box junction is being set up stated .


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