IGP Ochola Asks DPP to Forgive Boy Who Announced Him Dead

A distressed mother and her bewildered teenage son cannot believe their luck, that the victim of the boy’s computer misuse crime is a cool headed professional.

Seventeen year old Mubarak Mubiru took to his fake facebook account on September 22 and announced that the Inspector General of Uganda Police Force Martins Okoth Ochola had “finally” died and wished his soul to rest in eternal peace.
Unknown to Mubiru, police cyber detectives had no difficulty locating the owner of the facebook account under the name Brison Olywl Oz. They established that the account was being managed on a mobile device and checking with Uganda found that it belonged to one Fatuma Nakazibwe. 

When regular CID personnel went to check out Nakazibwe, she said she had no idea about facebook accounts and they asked who else used her phone. It transpired that her son, now 17-years who was in Senior 2 when the schools closed under lockdown two years ago, was more often in charge of the phone due to idleness.

CID arrested Mubiru who at first lied that he has three friends who use his mum’s phone more than him. When he could not convincingly pin any of the said three boys, Mubiru owned up to his crime. But when the IGP learnt the rumor of his death was initiated by a 17-year old, he ordered for his release and asked for a meeting to be arranged with the parents so he can counsel them about parental guidance in this digital age. 

CID has now asked the DPP to process the file quickly and then declare a nolle prosequi, so that the case is discontinued and closed. When that is done, Mr Ochola will then be able to meet the family when Mubiru is no longer a suspect, and he counsels them.

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