Minister of ICT and NG, Ms. Judith Nabakooba has said that good leadership at all levels of governance in the fight against the deadly novel- global COVID-19 has led to the limited number of deaths and substantial reduction in infections -one year when Uganda first recorded its first case on 21st March 2020.

Speaking at her weekly media briefing, Nabakooba noted that one of the greatest lessons in the COVID-19 battle has been the importance of leadership.  “Uganda has successfully demonstrated that in pandemics of this nature, leadership at all levels is key to winning,” she said noting that measures put in place by government led by President Yoweri Museveni such as the lock down and public campaigns for the population to follow the SOPs have proved to be effective.

 “All these actions were instrumental to building the success that we have registered against COVID-19.

The presidential addresses became a regular part of this effort. The addresses provided hope and restored people’s confidence during the difficult days of the lockdown,” she stressed.

The Minister stated that although many people struggled to observe the Standard Operating Procedures meant to limit the spread of COVID-19, non the-less because of strong enforcement and awareness, the worst outcomes were prevented.

The numbers

Nabakooba said that Uganda has reduced the number of people catching the virus every day from more than 300 to just under 20. The number of sick people admitted in hospitals has dropped from about 400 to just about 28.

She called upon Ugandans to embrace the vaccine that is now available. “Ministry of Health and all other experts have assured us that the vaccine is safe. It has so far been distributed in 11 African countries, while in Europe, millions of people have vaccinated,” she said.

Uganda has so far acquired 964, 000 doses which have been distributed to all districts. Priority for vaccination is been targeted for health workers, security, teachers and old people who are 70 years above.

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