Busoga Kingdom Attorney General Dismisses Bogus Mabirizi Case Against Kyabazinga’s Wedding Says Man Is Seeking Media Attention

The Busoga Kingdom Attorney General ,Mr. Alex Luganda,has dismmised Lawyer Male Mabirizi bogus criminal case filed against the newly wed Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope and Queen Jovia Mutesi .

Luganda said that case had to be taken over by the DPP to critically examine and prove that charges levied were actually committed by the accused persons . The wedding certificate was witnessed by the Queen of Buganda who is also a personal friend of Mutesi, lady Sylvia Nagginda.

“Some private prosecutions tend to abuse court processes by scandalizing and harassing other people. In such circumstances the DPP can come in and take over the prosecution then the private prosecutor can become a witness of the state so that if they have any evidence supporting their claims, they can give it to the DPP,” Mr. Luganda explained .

“In this particular incident, Male Mabirizi alleges that Archbishop Kaziimba Mugalu presided over Kyabazinga’s marriage ceremony when he had an already existing marriage. However, he didn’t attach any evidence for the alleged marriage in the UK,” he added.

Mr. Luganda further revealed that following the allegations by a one Alison Anna that she got married to the Kyabazinga in the UK, the Church of Uganda led by the Archbishop conducted an independent search in the UK Civil Marriage Registry, where it was established that such marriage never happened.

“The Busoga Kingdom also undertook a private search in the UK and it received the same results. Marriage banns were also conducted for three (3) weeks and no one came out to say that the marriage should not happen because of this or that reason. When this happened, the Church had to decide under the Canon Law for the wedding between the Kyabazinga and Inhebantu to happen,” the Kingdom Attorney General stressed.

“We also asked the lawyers (Mugerwa and Partners) of purported Alison to provide evidence for the marriage which their client claims happened but they failed. These people concentrated on social media stories and blackmailing. When we put them to task, nothing was produced. They even resorted to photoshopping the Kyabazinga with a Nigerian model claiming that she is Alison,” he added.

Mr Luganda said that this Male Mabirizi lawyer is found of seeking media attention which might have prompted him to “jump onto” this particular case .“He wanted to enjoy some media attention for some time,” Luganda added.

This after the DPP in a letter dated 21 November 2023, and signed by Caroline Marion Acio, stated that under the provisions of A. 120 (3) (c) of the constitution of the Republic of Uganda, 1995 and section 43 (1)(a) of the Magistrates Court Act Cap 16, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) may take over the conduct of the said criminal proceedings at any stage.

“This is therefore to notify you that the DPP has taken over the conduct of criminal proceedings in the said matter,” she said.


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