General David Rubakuba Muhoozi ,the Chief of  Uganda People’s Defence Force  (UPDF) has said that the controversial founder of the National Unity Party (NUP) Moses Nkonge Kibalama  requested to meet him following threats to his life .

“There is a saying that don’t swallow it is hot. Don’t spit it is sweet. “I met Kibalama  and I don’t see it as a big deal. I never solicited to meet him the person who brought him actually found me going for another meeting, I was requested to meet him because it was a matter of security concern.

“Someone got in touch and told me Kibalama had requested to meet me. I was going for a meeting, I asked, can’t it wait? He said Kibalama’s life was in danger. I did not solicit the meeting. I advised Kibalama to contact police. Later, I heard that he had gone to ISO and then court. But why shouldn’t I meet him or any other Ugandan?,”  Gen Muhoozi  explained while appearing on national TV .

When asked whether it was a mistake to meet  Kibalama  following the public reaction that ensue in regard to  NUP- that has since been taken over by Robert Kyagulanyi’s People Power movement ,Gen Muhoozi said he was not interested  in the dynamics of NUP. “But everyone is entitled to an opinion. I have finally been given the opportunity to be heard; I met Kibalama on matters other than NUP.”

On what role the army will play in the coming general elections , the army chief said that the police is the principal actor. “Our investment in the duty to secure elections is dependent on information, we are prevention – heavy,” he said.

Gen Muhoozi assured the country that unlike the chaotic NRM primaries , the 2021 general elections will be peaceful. “ We did not have rules of engagement as primaries were a political party matter and such personnel were not expected to participate. Going forward, during the general election, the personnel will have to abide by certain standards; Ministry of Health SOPs to stem the spread of Covid-19 and our rules of engagement. Personnel who fall short will be held accountable,” he stated.

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