Ogwal Apologizes For Condemning Museveni Over Lockdown

FDC Iron Lady who is the Dokolo Woman member of parliament Mama Cecilia Ogwal has openly repented for condemning President Yoweri over his order for closing churches during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Praying at State House during the national prayers ahead of independence day, Mrs Ogwal confessed that when President Museveni ordered the closure of churches at the breakout of coronavirus, she was among those who were unhappy. “I actually condemned the president openly,” she said.

Ogwal revealed then that God somehow talked to her. God told her that He is found only in Church. Since the body of man is actually God’s Temple, she realised then that the church had not been closed. That is when she realised she had been wrong.
Ogwal therefore accordingly expressed her remorsefulness to God, the president and the congregation.
SHe amused the congregation when she also confessed that the lockdown had also helped her realise that regular chirch attendance was also not blameless. She confenssed that she often went to church to rumour monger about the preachers.
Ogwal supported Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya who said that we are all corrupt.

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