The NRM delegates have returned Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga as the First Vice National Chairperson (female)  beating her arch rival with more than half the vote. Kadaga received  6,776 votes  while Persis Namuganza got 3,943 .  

The hybrid scientific polls the first of the kind due to the ravaging global-novel Covid-19 pandemic  saw the youthful   Dr.  Chris Balyomunsi  thump retired  and  NRM historical Gen.  Matayo Kyaligonza in another fiercely contested position to represent the Western region on the party’s top decision making organ. Baryomonsi received 5947 votes , while Kyaligonza got 2550, Florence Kintu 1875, Wilberforce Muhanji 1285 , Boaz Kafunda 662, Apollo Tibugaya 259 and Emmanuel Diini 224.  

The results which were declared by NRM EC Chairman , Dr. Tanga Odoi, returned  flight Capt. Mike Mukula the CEC member for eastern region after edging his nemesis  Sanjay Tanna with 1,656 votes. Mukula polled 5,818 votes while Tanna got 4162 and Christine Harriet was in a distant 3rd with 162 votes.  

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya  swept the northern vote in a landslide with  7,473 votes , Sam Engola – 1,665, Dr. Odong – 277 and Joken 995. Karamoja  will be represented by Aleper Simon peter who got 8,143 votes while Jimmy Lokoru  polled 2,220.  

In Kampala, Geoffrey Nyakana got 2665 lost to Signh Katongole  4503, Uhuru Salim 2665. Godfrey  Kiwanda will represent central region after receiving 4,749 beating Kaliisa Kalangwa who got 3701 Votes  and kiganda ssonko got 1,000.  

The CEC will be joined by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,the NRM National Chairman and First Vice National chairperson, Al hajji Moses Kigongo.

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