Executive Sex Parties, Ghost Projects in Bukwo end in Sweeping of District CID Office

The CID command and staff of Bukwo district police headquarters has been swept following recent revelations of shocking rot in the district administration.

Since the recent posting Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka as Resident District Commissioner to Bukwo, he has unearthed scandalous conduct by top district officials as the police has generally just been looking on.

Even after reports being made of the criminal conduct by the administrative executives, the CID officers in Bukwo did practically nothing. For instance, dozens of women have filed written complaints to the new RDC testifying how they are forced into sex with (male) members of the District Service Commission whenever jobs in the district are advertised. 

Besides the sex corruption, preliminary investigations by Mr Hashaka found no trace of many projects on which billions of shillings were advanced by the government.

This weekend, Ministers Raphael Magyezi and Peter Ogwang of Local government and Economic Monitoring respectively are expected in Bukwo to confirm Hashaka’s shocking discoveries.

For a week since rumour of the ministers’ impending inspection visits started leaking, senior administrators in Bukwo district have been working day and night, literary, to try to create a semblance of the ghost projects which they have been receiving hundreds of millions. 

But for the CID officers it is too  late to clean up. They have reportedly been summoned to police headquarters in Kampala to account for their inaction while so much criminality was taking place in Bukwo under their noses.

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