Police Officers who Beg Motorists for “water” Risk Being Poisoned

Peace-loving Ugandans are getting concerned at the habit of police officers at traffic and security checkpoints begging for “water” which may expose them to the danger of being poisoned by broke motorists.

Earlier this week, there was panic among Moroto police leadership when two constables were found unconscious at the Nadunget checkpoint. PCs Justine Ochan and Robinson Okwir are suspected to have ingested a toxic substance most likely offered to them by a motorist .

The two are recovering in a Moroto Hospital as results from samples taken from them for laboratory analysis are being awaited. Several members of the public in Moroto believe that one the drivers who are fed up of being pestered by police officers on duty for “water” could have decided to poison or drug them so as to discourage other members of the force from nagging motorists for material help.

But others expressed fear that the officers will now insist on being assisted with cash yet some drivers have been finding it easier to share whatever refreshments they have in the car.

Yet other interviewees said it is very risky in these times of high commodity and fuel prices for security officers to keep begging as cases of their being poisoned and their weapons taken could increase. Fortunately, no gun was lost at Nadunget. There have been worrying violent attacks on officers manning checkpoints and it is hoped that the Nadunget incident will remain isolated and copycat criminals will not start poisoning officers.

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