Government is committed to have  West Nile region connected  to the  National Grid  next year as members of parliament assure their  constituents  following  President  Yoweri  Museveni’s directives and the subsequent  signing of a contract for the Kole-Gulu-Nebbi-Arua transmission line worth $100 millions and commissioning of  the Muni Sub station in 2020.

The two sub stations of Nebbi and Arua will each have to receive 80Mega watts to be distributed to the region.

Ministry of Energy officials led by  Hon. Okaasi Opolot, the minister of State for Energy  briefed the  West Nile  MPs  about the progress made to have the region access power and commited that West Nile will be connected to the national grid in 2022 .  The Mps included  Hon Atima Jackson, the Regional Government Whip, Hon James Baba, Hon Obiga Rose, Hon Leku Joel, Hon Paparu Lillian, Hon Okumu Gabriel, Hon Otimgiu Isaac, Hon Dr George Didi Bhoka, Hon Acibu Agnes, Hon Feta Geofrey, Hon Avako Melisa, Hon Dr Musa Noah, Hon Adriko Yovani, Hon Alero Tom Aza and Hon Tonny Awany .

Progress made at KARUMA DAM

The contractor SinoHydro has completed 98% of the works, undertaking tests for the facility to be switched on and handed over to government of Uganda. The mega project has six power generation units, with high technology.

Eng Abdon .A, the Assistant Commissioner for Electrical Supply Division, assured the MPs and people of West Nile, that by September 2022 the region with be connected to National Grid, which is reliable and stable for massive industrialization.

The project engineer reassured the MPS that by the time the transmission line is done, power will be on and running for the West nile region.

‘ We are very impressed with the progress of Karuma Dam and hopefully, if you had engaged us earlier to take us through, we would have had  a clear picture. So improve on your communication gaps to enable our people appreciate their government for such good and well intended investments, that are meant to benefit them’ MPs stated


The line is under construction by contractors who informed the MPs that they have procured 90% of the required materials for project, and laying of foundation bases, as well as erection of poles had started from Nebbi to Pakwach, Pakwach to Oliwyo.
“ Government is committed to delivery of bulk power to West Nile to spur industrialization that will offer employment to the people, and the President has tasked us to deliver on time,” Minister Hon Okaasi Opolot  stated.

MPs called on the ministry and contractors to ensure local content in terms of employment and supply of materials, as they enhance ownership and in a way a  strategy in fighting thefts.

Hon Grace Kwiyucwiny, the minister for northern Uganda, assured her colleagues MPs and Minister of her support to ensure that the region is gets on the national grid.

The team leader Hon Atima thanked His Excellency President Museveni and government for all the efforts geared towards  have power evacuated to West Nile .

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