There is steady progress in negotiations between Uganda and World Bank- ST Ggoobi 

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The Secretary to Treasury and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development Ramathan Ggoobi, has told the Parliamentary Budget Committee that there is marked progress in negotiations between the government of Uganda and the World Bank Group to continue funding Uganda’s development projects after a long stand-off following the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

One of the biggest projects that would be affected by the freezing of funds from World Bank is the much appreciated USMID project that has transformed cities and municipality plus refugee hosting districts across the country .

Ggoobi told attentive MPs Uganda was willing to implementing measures that promote “inclusivity” to secure funding from the World Bank for critical national development projects. World Bank has some of the cheap money in loans which are paid over a long period of time .

Ggoobi said that government will maintain a conducive environment that enables projects to be executed without discrimination against any individual or group.

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