Energy Policy Review Urges Expansion Of Uganda’s Electricity Networks

By Zulfah Namatovu

The Uganda Energy policy Review 2023 has called for the expansion of Uganda’s  electricity transmission and distribution networks to have more uagdans access electricity .

The new policy review of the energy and minerals sector was launched on Friday at sheraton hotel in Kampala. This was carried out by the ministry of energy together with the International Energy Agency (IEA) with support from the Norwegian government.

State Minister for Energy, Peter Lokeris, said the government and the people of Uganda are determined to harness the wealth of natural resources for collective prosperity. Relatedly, a growing Ugandan population means there’s increased demand for modern, clean and efficient energy.

“The traditional reliance on biomass has been a testament to our resilience. But is also called for change for innovation and a sustainable way forward. Access to electricity remains a fundamental pillar of our national agenda. We are steadfast in our pursuit to ensure that every connection brings light, catalyzes the productive sectors of our economy,” he added.

 The key recommendations of the report include developing and implementing an energy transition plan as well as improving national energy statistics for evidence based policy making.

Anne Kristin Hermnasen, the Norwegian ambassador to Uganda said Norway will continue to support Uganda’s energy sector even after the closure of their embassy in Kampala. She called for long term energy planning to meet strategic and energy security needs.

 “The review by the IEA a trusted global source is the basis for sound energy policy making and a tool for Uganda to attract investment in clean, Affordable, reliable and sustainable energy,” Said Hermansen.

The  IEA Africa programme officer Syrine El Abed said Uganda is at a turning point in it’s economic development and the role of the energy and mining sectors is critical. She also indicated that consultation of all stakeholders is key for the successful development and implementation of policies.

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