Notorious Kampala party animal and slay queen Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has  escaped police arrest when security forces stormed a venue in  Bugoloobi were sex- party had been organized .

Authorities cited the national Covid -19 guidelines and the curfew as the reasons why the party was  stopped .  Bad Black had advertised  the party using her social media platforms.

Just recently , Police in Kampala Metropolitan Area raided and arrested 21 suspects who were  participating in a sex party in Kireka a suburb of Kampala  as people continue to defy the prolonged curfew and lock down of entertainment centers including bars due to the Covid -19 pandemic.

The party goers were sentenced and sent to prison. Activists have continued to urge  government to ease the curfew hours and open up bars like other countries have done including Kenya and Tanzania for people not to engage in criminal activity .

“ The entertainment industry was employing many people especially the youth . Many of such people are locked out of business for almost a year now .   Where does government expect them to get income to survive .  That’s why people are now being creative by organizing group sex -drink -up parties and many have turned their homes into bars for entertainment ,” the activists who declined to be named for fear of being arrested said.

Even when there is a curfew from 9pm to 6am, many Ugandans go to bars quietly and enjoy up-to the wee hours of the day .   There has also been marked increase in private house parties where guests engage in sexual orgies .

Some people say they now stay out late to avoid the gridlock evening traffic jams that have come to define Kampala roads . On  most major roads in Kampala , motorists experience jam  from 5pm when people break off from work up to well over midnight . Boda bodas keep transporting people deep into the night even when according to govt directives they are supposed to stop operating at 6pm.

However, there is also a reported spike in the number of Covid-19 cases registered across the country and the situation will even get worse in the coming months , experts say. 



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