Police should arrest those who are using the MK movement to terrorize Ugandans

After complaints from many Ugandans about the impunity of some gangsters who are using the MK movement to terrorize Ugandans , the Movement’s spokesperson , Andrew Mwenda has used his official twitter handle to call upon the police to arrest such criminals .

“Many thugs are using the name of the MK Movement to rob, intimidate and grab property from ordinary citizens. This is to inform everyone that the MK Movement does not approve of anyone exercising impunity. Police are hereby requested to apprehend such people upon sight, Mwenda stated .

Mwenda , added ,”@mkainerugaba personally and the MK Movement generally do not tolerate such acts of criminality because they go against the principles, values and ethics of the movement. All pretenders using the name of the movement to commit crimes should be arrested by police.”

He guided that those wearing MK Movement T-shirts and other paraphernalia should exhibit the best values of the movement: humility, integrity, moral uprightness, honesty, patriotism, pan Africanism etc. Crooks, fraudsters, criminals, liars, cheats etc do not represent the movement.

President Yoweri Museveni had also earlier stated that while the MK Movement was good for mobilising Ugandans for productive activities there were some opportunists and corrupt elements who were taking cover under the association to get money .


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