Government has abolished age limit restrictions for  all aspiring candidates for the position of chairperson at Subcounty, Municipality, City Division, Town councils and Municipal Division, Minister of  ICT and National Guidance , Ms. Judith Nabakooba has announced .   

In her weekly press biefing at the Ministry’s headquarters ,Nabakooba said that government has Has amended the local government Act that had age  limit restrictions for all local government Political offices .     Prior to the amendment, all aspiring candidates had to be 30 years and above and not exceeding 75.

  However, The Minister explained that  President Yoweri Museveni had finally  agreed and signed off the amendment  that abolishes the above restrictions. “Starting with the ongoing electoral process, any aspiring candidate for the position of chairperson at local government level must only be  of 18years and above,” she said.   

Nabakooba called upon all Ugandans above the age of 18 who aspire to become leaders to contest for the said positions without any restrictions. The Electoral Commission has since extended the nomination exercise  from the 2nd October to the 5th October, 2020  to accommodate the new political entrants.  

  The Minister reminded headteachers , University officials and parents to continue preparing  for the reopening of schools for candidate classes on October 15th,2020 while strickly observing the Covid 19 pandemic SOPs as directed by  the Ministries of  Education and  Health.    She said that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has also  put in place guidelines for all those who wish to use the  Airport  which was opened to the general public after fivce month lockdown due to the ravaging novel global Covid 19 pandemic that has left well over a million people dead across the world . 

  “All those who plan to travel must test for  COVID-19  3 days in advance  and present their results confirming they  are negative at the airport. Travelers must have wear masks  while at the airport and adhere to all guidelines including social distancing to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus,” the Minister stressed .   

This means that travelers should arrive at the airport at least  four hours before departure in order to verify that they Meet all the set requirements.   The total number of Covid 19 cases is now 8, 602 recorded in 110 districts and  79 Ugandans have died as a result of contracting the virus.    

Nabakooba reminded the country that the October 9th Independence day celebrations  under the theme: “ Uganda’s steady progress towards economic take off and self sustaining economic growth”, will be scientifically organised at State House Entebbe.    A group of  40 artists have organised an online music show on independence day starting at 8pm. They will perform about love, peace and unity and  the show will be broadcast live by different TV stations, the Information Minister added.  

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