The second bi-annual meeting of the Presidential CEO Forum which took place at State Lodge in Ntungamo, in pursuit of our original 10-point program resolved to expedite the export insurance credit fund for high-risk markets.

The meeting presided over by President Yoweri Museveni and attended by first lady Janet Museveni , also agreed to work in concert with the Congo government to invest in infrastructure development such as toll roads, air cargo capacity and services-including the provision of internet through UTL and broadcasting communications through UBC.

The CG Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Mr. John Rujoki Musinguzi, was among many CEOs that attended the meeting

The CEOs also emphasized value addition processing while reducing electricity tariffs for Small to Medium Enterprises. 

Museveni also guided to prioritise the capacity building of “our internal market through support to government programs such as OWC and the PDM. Working alongside trading groups such as KACITA to protect local products against subsidised imports from outside the East African Community and the ACFTA.”

he said that government will support intending players in the oil and gas industry with a keen interest in capacity building for local content and encourage joint ventures to tap on foreign technical expertise where gaps may be.

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