Yasser and Nadia Mbire marriage on solid rock.

Contrary to rumours  of disintegration going around in some sections of Social media, the marriage of Nadia Mbire  to Yasser Matovu is still as blissful and void of controversies as ever. Rumours have been flying around to the effect that the marriage has hit the rocks over unfaithfulness on the part of Yasser.

Nadia who sounded disappointed however dismissed the rumours as untrue and based on idleness.
“I don’t know where they pick such rumours from. The rumours going round that our marriage is on the rocks are totally baseless and I think being propagated by haters who have nothing useful to do.

The last time I checked, my marriage to Yasser is still as blissful and void of contraversies as ever”. she said.
Nadia is daughter to city tycoon Charles Mbire.

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