Former Daily Monitor Managing Editor  and now President Yoweri Museveni’s Press Secretary, Don Wanyama  is set to take over from Robert Kabushenga at Uganda’s leading daily  the New Vision if the board endorses his proposed appointment- impeccable sources can reveal.

Multiple sources are telling ugandaupdate news.com -that Wanyama  who is also a close buddy to first son Gen .Muhoozi  is leading in the  race  which includes  the current  Chief Editor Barbra Kaija, Next Radio general manager Marcus Kwikiriza  and  former Deputy General of the External Security Organisation(ESO) Emmanuel Ewaku Allio and many others to become the next most powerful person at  The New Vision- a historical entity for the post NRA/NRM liberation struggle .

This publication has learnt that government , given the political dynamics -is now interested in a grounded independent minded media manager who is aggressive and with a background coming from the “opposition’ media -to deal with the anti-regime  propaganda largely manifested  on new and social media -propagated by Ugandans in the diaspora.

Sources  told this website that the Ministry of Finance which is the majority shareholder at New Vision  ( on behalf of government ) has proposed the appointment of Wanyama as the next CEO pending the approval of the  Board of directors .

Wanyama , a  trained teacher and journalist  worked at the Daily Monitor as a sub and later Chief Sub Editor in the mid 2000s and  had a brief stint as the Managing Editor before he was unceremoniously sacked for allegedly publishing  a “cooked” up opinion poll that favoured President Museveni in the run up-to to the 2016  general elections.

At  Daily Monitor , many former colleagues say Wanyama is an amiable person  who exhibited excellent skills as an editor at the top level of a  big national  media organization. But others say he lacks the managerial credentials to run a big historical media business like The New Vision which is a listed public company with many shareholders currently not happy with its performance . 

But Wanyama’s apparent lack of business management credentials can be  mitigated by the fact that New Vision still has some veterans in there -like  Gervase Ndyanabo who  was a long serving Chief Internal Auditor and now serving as the Company Secretary who can take care of the business aspects of the organization -as the new CEO focus on the  editorial and political interests of government who are the majority shareholders.

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