Why Senior Police Officer And Three Others Are Alleged To Have Participated In the Murder Of Law Firm Clerk Mukisa

The Joint Security Task Team of CID, CMI and Crime Intelligence, have revealed why they arrested a senior police officer and three others in the murder of a Ronnie Mukisa ( 43), Clerk at IBC Advocates.

The arrested suspects in the gruesome murder include; Karedou Robert Irama, his wife Nalwoga Brenda Cathy, Cpl Anyuse Max Geoffrey, a UPDF deserter and self-appointed bodyguard to Karedou, and SP Irama Vincent, a police officer attached to KMP North. They are all being detained at different locations.

According to SCP Fred Enanga the Police Spokesman ,the facts gathered so far indicate that the victim and two of the suspects, Karedou Robert and his wife Nalwoga Brenda, knew each other.

They however, developed a business conflict, where they claim the victim has swindled over USD1 million, from them. The two contacted a friend in the police, SP Irama Vincent and together, they hired Cpl Anyuse Max, as a hit man.

Enanga explained that on the fateful day of 30.05.2023, the soldier got a gun, that he deserted with from the DRC, and trailed the victim, in his Subaru legacy, reg. no. UBJ 006K, dark blue, up to his home in Kitoko-Birongo, Ndejje Division.

He shot 4 bullets at the victim as he moved to close the main gate, within two intervals killing him instantly. As he got away, on a waiting motorcycle, he called Brenda Nalwoga and informed her how they had accomplished the mission.

“A task team of investigators and intelligence, worked together for 11 days, to build a chain connecting the 4 suspects. They first arrested the 3 suspects of Karedou, his wife Nalwoga and Cpl Anyuse, from their home in Kasana LC I, Kulambiro. An immediate search led to the recovery of two AK 47 magazines with 52 rounds of ammunition, military uniforms among other, Enanga added.

“Although in our earlier interrogation, CPL Anyuse admitted to having shot the victim, using a gun supplied by SP Irama, he has now back tracked and led the task team to the killer weapon, that he deserted with from the DRC. It was recovered while hidden behind the boys quarters, at the rented apartments in Kitiko-Birongo, while wrapped in a polythene bag.

He however, confirmed that the police officer, SP Irama Vincent, chaired the meeting of the murder plot. The task team proceeded and arrested SP Irama, from Kawempe Police Station. A search at his known premises led to the recovery of a pistol (official) and an AK 47 Rifle with 30 bullets.

“Two bullets had been newly replaced. The guns and bullets recovered have been submitted to the ballistics expert for further forensic examination. The additional suspected killer weapon recovered in the 12.06.2023, is also going to be subjected to the Ballistics expert.”

“As the Joint Security Agencies, we do strongly condemn in the strongest terms, the actions of the two officers, who instead of protecting the lives of Ugandans, wilfully took the desire to take another humans life, for money. There is no place for such kind of gross indiscipline, barbaric and aggressive behavior in the forces. The actions of the officers are regrettable and not representative of the two disciplined forces, of the Police and UPDF,” Enanga stated .

He added : “We would like to assure the family of the deceased and the public that our investigators are working tirelessly, to arrest the few remaining culprits, as the 4 are charged to court for Murder and related conspiracies.”


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