The honorable Mbwatekamwa Gaffa is an expert at juggling two balls at the same time. A member of the ruling NRM party who wears a Yellow and a red beret because he is also a staunch supporter of People Power that has vowed to dislodge the NRM, Mbwatekamwa is a man who thinks on his high feet.
On Wednesday afternoon, he rose in Parliament to give guidance on the use of face masks and true to his official profession as a consultant, he did not disappoint.
“Honourable Speaker Madam,” Mbwatekamwa barked. “If I am alone in my bed, do I need to put on a condom?”And with that, the elected representative of Kasambya county in Mubende district did not have to press his point much further besides asking rhetorically, “What is the point of wearing a mask when I am alone in the car?”SO clearly, when the energetic Mbwa is with somebody, he observes the sexual health guidelines and uses a condom. When he is alone – and in Law he and his lawfully wedded wife are one person – he does not need to put on a condom.Case closed!

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