Parliamentary Legal Committee to meet President Museveni to agree on some provisions in the Anti-Homosexual bill

President Museveni is scheduled to meet MPs on the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs to harmonize positions about some provisions of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 before it is passed into law.

This after President Yoweri Museveni told law makers to reconsider some provisions in the new bill against homosexuality that provides for the death penalty when convicted of aggravated homosexuality.

He was meeting lawmakers from the ruling NRM party. Those who attended say that the MPs agreed with Museveni to reconsider some of the provisions of the law which is supported by majority Ugandans and come up with improvements.

Museveni condemned homosexuality during the meeting in the capital, Kampala, charging that “Europe is lost. So they also want us to be lost; Museveni also praised lawmakers for approving the bill.

“I congratulate you for that strong stand. It is good that you rejected the pressure from the imperialists. And this is what I told them. Whenever they come to me I say, You, please shut up.’”

“(Museveni) told the members that he had no objections to the punishments but on the issue of rehabilitation of the persons who have in the past been engaged in homosexuality but would like to live normal lives again,” spokesman Sandor Walusimbi said on Twitter. ”It was agreed that the bill goes back to parliament for the issues of rehabilitation to be looked at before he can sign it into law.”

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