UPDF Mourns Colonel Richard Kiwanuka

he Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces have mourned its distinguished son, RO/00393 Colonel Richard Ssemboga Kiwanuka for his exemplary services to the nation.

In the message of condolence read on his behalf by the Chief of Production and Welfare, Maj Gen Sam Kiwanuka, the Chief of Defence Forces General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, said the late Colonel Kiwanuka was a hero who served his country for 42 years of distinguished service. “We are saddened by the death of our officer with wide experience spanning 42 years,” read the CDF’s message in part.

On his part as a chief mourner, Maj Gen Sam Kiwanuka told the congregation that the big number of mourners that turned up to pay their last respect to Col Richard Kiwanuka was testimony to the realization and achievement of the deceased as an individual and people’s appreciation and acknowledgment of his contribution to the socio-economic transformation of Uganda.

“Soldiers were not buried like this before, they would either die in exile, rot off in prisons or die in the bushes as insurgents fighting a sitting government. All this changed in 1986 after the sacrifice of the Kiwanukas and their likes in NRA. This is part of the fundamental change,” said Maj Gen Kiwanuka.

Col Kiwanuka who had an illustrious service in the army joined the liberation struggle on 1st April 1981 from Kufu, his home area. As a recruit who had a wide knowledge of the area of operation, he would be sent to coordinate mobilizers for recruits, logistics and Intelligence collection. He later become a commander and served as a platoon commander in Matayo Kyaligonza’s led Mwanga unit also known as the ‘Black bomber’

The 80-year-old mother of the deceased, Mrs. Namawejje thanked the UPDF for sending off her son decently. “I was devasted with the news of my son death, but my spirit has been strengthened by your large presence and active participation in his decent send-off. I’m now strong,” said Namawejje.

The children

The children of the deceased led by Mirab Nambogga also thanked the UPDF for not abandoning their father during the time of need and for that, she said “we remain children of UPDF even after our Father’s demise.”

Col Richard Kiwanuka, together with his brother Col James Kasule and their sister Damalie Nakibirige all children of Namawejje Rosemary joined the liberation struggle in its infancy. Damalie passed on earlier leaving the two brothers in service. Richard was the first to join this inspiring his two siblings.

He was laid to rest yesterday at his ancestral home in Kufu, Nakaseke District.

The funeral was attended by Maj Gen lucky Kidega, Brig Gen Eugene Ssebuggwawo, Brig Gen Akiiki Rugadya, Brig Gen John Byuma, Brig Gen Nsubuga Wasswa, Brig Gen Godfrey Sambwa, Brig Gen Mwanje Ssekiranda and other senior army officers.

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