UPDF Engineering boss Maj. Gen. Assimwe is dead

Major General Dennis Asiimwe, the long serving commandant of Uganda Military Engineering College (UMEC) is dead.

Defence Deputy Spokesperson Col. Deo Akiiki stated : “The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) family and indeed the nation woke up to the demise of Maj. Gen. Asiimwe, the long serving commandant of Engineer’s College Lugazi. We commiserate with the family. “Generals never die but they fade away.” Rest in Peace General.”

By press time, the cause of Major General Asiimwe’s death had not yet been revealed. The Army had also not issued out his detailed burial programme.

On June 15, 2021, President Yoweri Museveni promoted then Brig Gen. Asiimwe to the rank of Major General and by the time of his death, he was two ranks away from the rank of General.

According to the UPDF, Major General Asiimwe played a pivotal role in shaping the Uganda Military Engineering College. As its commandant, he led with distinction, demonstrating his deep knowledge of military strategy, engineering, and leadership. Under his guidance, the college witnessed remarkable growth and development, becoming a center of excellence for military education and training.

The army noted that Major General Asiimwe’s leadership extended beyond the college’s boundaries. He actively participated in numerous missions and operations, both nationally and internationally, showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication to safeguarding Uganda’s sovereignty. His expertise and invaluable contributions earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and superiors, making him an influential figure within the military ranks.

UMEC was commissioned by the Commander-in-Chief of Uganda Armed Forces, Gen. Museveni, on January 29 2009 at Magamaga in Mayuge District. When the Ministry of Defence purchased the defunct Lugazi University premises in Buikwe District, a section of the facility was allotted to UMEC and in October 2010 the college relocated to Lugazi cantonment.

UMEC shares the Lugazi cantonment with UPDF Engineers Brigade, School of Communication and Information Technology (SOCIT) and the School of Information Tech and Office Management (SITOM).

The core objective of establishing UMEC was to progressively develop engineering, technology and any other scientific capabilities in the UPDF designed to facilitate its operations as well as contribute to national and regional strategic development.


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