Ugandan Youth mainly from the the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party have started country wide door to door village campaigns for their presidential flag bearer Gen. Yoweri Museveni ahead of next week’s general elections.

Speaking at NRM party headquarters in Kampala, the chairman of the NRM Youth League, Gaddafi Nassur, said that given the Covid -19 pandemic that is ravaging the country ,the new mobilization initiative will be village-based.

“Due to the danger posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the mobilisation is going to be a village based campaign because we believe, people in the villages will be able to mobilise their fellow villagers. We caution our young people not to crossover from one village to another. We want you to be in your own village. Go and mobilise because the NRM is a party grounded at all villages, ” Nassur said.

Jacob Eyeru the chairman of NRM National Youth council said the campaign message for the youth as spelt out the NRM manifesto has been summarized in a booklet that will be distributed in villages .

“We are going to every village to do a peer-to-peer based mobilisation strategy. In every village in this country, the NRM is the only party that fielded nine flag bearers in the village youth council elections, that has five youth league executive members and had nine flag bearers for the outgoing youth council. So, in every village in this country the NRM already has 23 youth members, ” he said.

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