Ugandan Athlete Disappears from Japan Olympic Village

Police in Japan has launched a manhunt for Julius Ssekitoleko who has gone mission from his hotel this Friday morning.

Ssekitoleko is one of Uganda’s “kanyama” –a weightlifter who is considered one of Africa’s best, having won bronce in the African Weightlifting Championships in Nairobi two months ago.

He has gone missing from his hotel at the training camp of Izumisano city, where the first group of Uganda’s Olympic contingent is in residence, ahead of their mission to Tokyo where the worl’s top atheletes will be convening next week for the 2020 Summer Olympics that have been delayed for a year due to the Coronavirus pandemic that hit the world starting in China at the end of 2019.

Izumisano City officials said they noted the 20-year-old Ugandan’s absence when he did not turn up for his daily Covid-19 test and when they called his room there was no answer. Police was notified and launched the search of the missing young man.

It is not yet known whether Ssekitoleko is in danger or he has just gone underground to look for  kyeyo – survival opportunities in Japan.

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