Uganda has  moved to counter Kenya’s year long ban of Ugandan products by also placing an embargo on products coming from Kenya heading to their markets.

 President Yoweri Museveni’s administration placed a ban on some of the agricultural products coming from Kenya following a cabinet decision which was made on Monday  as the trade war escalates.

The Minister in charge of east African Affairs Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, while addressing the media in Uganda’s Capital  Kampala said that cabinet is in the process of identifying and making the list of all products that will not be allowed in Uganda.

“We have been too patient. In the past, we have not reciprocated, but now we are going to. This has gone on for too long and within a short time they too will understand what we are going through,” Kadaga  stated .

For over a year now Kenya stopped importing Ugandan milk products and in July 2020, Kenya also banned  Ugandan sugar from  entering Kenya’s market a move that’s the EAC trade agreements.

Kenya also went ahead to outlaw  poultry products from Uganda claiming that there are of poor quality . These restrictions  are against  the Customs Union Protocol established by the East African Community (EAC) single market.

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