Uganda is set to acquire the first of two A330 Neo Airbus planes that will add to the fleet at the national carrier ,Uganda Ailines. The Minister of works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala will on behalf of the Uganda government receive the plane from the manufactures in Canada.

When the second Airbus is delivered early next year, Uganda Airlines will have 6 planes – including 4 CRJ900 Bombardier aircraft. The revival of Uganda Airlines, is part of the NRM Government’s larger strategy to reduce the cost of movement of people and goods to and from the landlocked country and in effect ease the cost of doing business.

Reduced cost of doing business, will increase the country’s competitiveness, attract more FDI, increase jobs and export earnings and ultimately household incomes. Other strategies to reduce the cost of transportation of goods and services in the NRM Government’s strategy/manifesto include the building of a 1,724km Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), starting with the 273km Malaba-Kampala route; 40-45km of a Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area Light Rail Train System (GKMA LRT).

Construction of the Bukasa Inland Port on Lake Victoria; Ongoing tarmacking of 18 roads (1,375 km); Tarmacking of 17 roads (825.3km) that are under procurement to be started by 2022; A total of other new 22 roads (2,921.2km) will be tarmacked, starting in 2021; Remodelling of Port Bell and Jinja Piers as well as rehabilitation of MV Pamba, MV Mwanga, and MV Mivule that is underway.

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