In order to consolidate its pole position in Uganda’s aviation industry and beyond , Uganda Airlines has launched its Mobile App to make it more convenient for travelers to consume the national carrier’s services.

“This launch is a key milestone as the airline strives to improve its service delivery, ensuring a convenient and user-friendly booking and ticketing process and an overall delightful buyer experience for its customers, “ Uganda Airlines CEO Ms. Jennifer Bamuturaki said at colorful launch event held at Sheraton hotel in the capital Kampala.

Uganda Airlines management team and air hostesses at the launch event

Bamuturaki said that besides a personalised travel experience, the App will streamline communication between the airline and its customers.

“When we go through third-parties such as travel agents to book passengers, there is a snag in the communication flow, because we don’t have access to basic information such as the clients telephone contacts. If we happen to have a service disruption for any reason, it will be easier for us keep our guests updated through the App,” she added.

The App has a flight tracking function of the carrier’s flights in real-time and travellers can pay for flights using the major international debit or credit cards, or the mobile-money wallets offered by telecom operators within East Africa, Bamuturaki explained further.

Speaking at the same event Chief Commercial Officer Adedayo Olawuyi, noted that airline guests rely heavily on their mobile phones for their regular activities, including travel, and it was  therefore, essential for Uganda Airlines to provide convenience with the new App in the palm of every traveler.

Adedayo Olawuyi also clarified that  the new  App was not in any way, intended to supplant travel agents services a complimentary tool for the traveler to have convenient means to book and track their  flights in real time .

Chief Commercial Officer at Uganda Airlines , Mr. Adedayo Olawuyi

“We are not against our partners in the travel trade, we still value the sales agents and shall continue to work with them. We simply realised that people are increasingly reliant on their mobile phones for regular activities including travel; hence the need for us to bring the convenience of this App within reach of their arm,” he explained.

About the new Uganda Airlines Mobile App

Available for iOS and Android smartphones, the new App features all Uganda Airlines flight information and customer service tools, making it a one-stop shop for our clients.

These features, designed to simplify travel for clients, include the ability to easily book and pay for flights, check flight status and schedules, view personal flight details, check-in for flights, and enrolment for the Crane Flyer Frequent Flyer program.

With security being a top priority, the app is equipped with robust encryption and authentication measures to safeguard passenger data and ensure a secure booking and payment process.

CEO Bamuturaki going through the paces on how the mobile App works

“For example, once a customer has filled in basic details like their biodata and identity documents, they will not need to file them again when they book their next trip. All this will now be securely stored and automatically prompted for every time the customer logs into the App,” Don Mubiru said.

The App’s initial functionality will allow users to search for flights, make reservations, check-in and process digital boarding passes, as well as well as enrollment into the carrier’s Craneflyer frequent flyer programme.  Users can also indicate their meal preferences in advance.

About Uganda Airline ;

Uganda Airlines is Uganda’s flagship national passenger and cargo carrier that started in 2019. It provides scheduled air transportation services in East Africa and near-international markets.

Uganda Airlines was awarded the World’s Youngest Aircraft Fleet Award, given by Ch-Aviation in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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Writer is a media and communications consultant And Advocate of the High Court of Uganda

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