Tanzania: Crashed Plane’s Pilots Ignored Warnings

By Our Aviation Reporter

Tanzanian authorities have released a  report in which they indicate that after thorough investigations ,  pilots of the ill-fated – Precision Air plane that crashed into Lake Victoria in November killing 19 people -ignored automatic alerts about the plane’s dangerous position.

Following that human error the plane that was carrying  43 people plunged into the waters of Lake  Victory -Africa’s largest water body as rescue workers  joined  fishermen and residents and saved the lives of  25 passengers .

The accident also occurred when there was bad weather and according to the  report released by the Tanzania Transport Ministry- the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) had issued three alerts indicating a rapid descent of the plane.

“The alert was not followed by any corrective action by the crew,” the ministry’s accident investigation department said, adding that the crew had put the plane in a nose-down attitude.

The report said the plane was flying in bad weather and reduced visibility, which “may have contributed to the lack of response to the alert”.

“It appears that the PIC was committed to land at Bukoba.  Marginal visibility caused high  workload among the crew and may have  contributed to the failure to react to terrain warnings during the final approach ,” the report  reads in part.


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