Kabalega International Airport Ready For Cargo Plane Landing Test

Kabalega International Airport, formerly Kabaale International Airport, is on track to have its first cargo plane landing test in December 2023. This significant milestone comes after extensive civil works for the $309 million project located in Kabale Sub-County. The airport was initially slated to open in 2022, but progress on the runway stands at an impressive 98% completion.

SBC Uganda Ltd, in collaboration with SBI International Holdings, commenced the massive project on April 18, 2018. The remaining work includes plans for a control tower, with discussions on funding and project extensions underway.

Amos Muriisa, the Public Relations representative for SBC Uganda, shared this exciting development during a guided tour organized by the Petroleum Authority of Uganda for members of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU). He confirmed that the airport anticipates its first cargo plane landing by December 2023.

Muriisa emphasized the commitment to quality, assuring Ugandans that the project has been executed to the highest standards.

Peter Muriisa, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer at Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC), highlighted the airport’s importance. He explained that the facility has been designed to support the transportation of materials required for the region’s burgeoning oil industry, as well as fostering tourism.

“The government has invested about $350 million in this project. The intention is to develop the country, facilitating the transport of equipment, exporting our produce, and attracting tourists. Moreover, it may lead to the development of regional airstrips,” Peter Muriisa added.

Sheikh Shaban Mubaje, part of the IRCU team, praised the government for its infrastructure development efforts. He expressed hope that the project would transform the lives of congregations and lead to more substantial offerings to religious institutions.

Mubaje said, “According to what we are seeing, there is a future for Uganda. As religious leaders, we are hopeful that our people, instead of bringing offerings in the form of eggs, sugarcane, or clusters of bananas to churches or mosques, will prosper and make significant contributions. For instance, someone may say, ‘I am donating one hundred bags of cement’ because of the prosperity we anticipate in the near future.”

Kabalega International Airport features a 3.5km runway that is 45 meters wide, with shoulders of 15 meters on each side. The airport’s apron can accommodate up to four of the largest cargo planes, with two turn pads on either side.

The IRCU members also visited the enviro-serve area, where waste products from oil drilling areas are managed, and the civil works for Pump Station 1 of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline in Nyamasoga Village, Kabaale Sub-County, Hoima District. This development signifies the significant progress being made in Uganda’s infrastructure development and oil-related projects.

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