Stop Politicizing Land and Instead Arrest “Official” Land Grabbers – Katikkiro

Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has advised the central government to arrest government officials who identify land where government projects are planned, take them over and then demand exorbitant compensation.

Mayiga who was addressing the Lukiiko which passed the kingdom’s modest billion budget for 2021-22 cautioned authorities to stop interpreting current land issues in political terms when the problems are just criminal.

He enlightened that Mailo land is not Uganda’s problem because major developments have always taken place in Mailo land, citing the establishment of Makerere University among others.

According to Mayiga therefore, it is neither Mailo land system nor Buganda Land Board that is causing the land problems being witnessed in Uganda.

“The land problems started in the nineties and early two thousands,” he asserted in debunking any unsubstantiated claims that Mailo land is behind the and problems in Uganda.

Mayiga however reassured Ugandans not to be too worried about the in case of any illegitimate land laws being enacted because, accoding to him, such laws would have to be repealed in future.

He instead called for more efforts and resources to be put into the scientific restoration of the fertility of the land because of the increasing population pressure.

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