Sex Work Banned in Jinja

he Kiira Regional Police which cover Jinja City and Jinja district has banned commercial sex work. The ban takes effect on February 6th.

THe decision has been taken following the killing of an incorigible sex worker, 20-year-old Asha Nanjjo on Wednesday night in Wanyange. Police suspects she was killed by her intended victim who she wanted to riob but lost the fight.

Communication the decision to end practice of the world’s oldest profession JInja, the territorial police spokesperson, Mr James Mubi said the late Nanjjo has been in and out of the cells many times under arrest for attacking her clients and robbing them

But the problem is that Nanjjo was part of an unrepentant racket that keep growing bigger whose members, all young women, use the bait of selling sex to rob their victims of valuables and money. The young ladies are always armed with concealed knives. Although they mostly target long-distance drivers who cannot stay around long enough to pursue their cases, the dangerous women also target locals when there is a shortage of drivers. Dozens of these young women are battling cases of robbery with violence in Jinja.

The 14 days the sex workers have been given to wind up business expire on February 16, after which whoever attempts to sell sex in Jinja City and Jinja district will be arrested. The deadline coincidentally falls on a public holiday, St Janaan Luwum Day, which will be the last day one can buy or sell sex in Jinja, without risking arrest.

 Police have started working with all local council leaders in the region who know the girls and the likely places where they could operate quietly, to implement the end of commercial sex work in Jinja, the famed source of the Nile, the world’s longest river.


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