President Museveni meets Gen Muhoozi’s MK Movement leaders amid public speculation about son’s political future

President Museveni has met Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba (MK Movement) at State House in Entebbe amid public speculation about his son’s political future. Gen. Muhoozi is still a serving army officer and his barred from active partisan politics. He has however over several months been organising “birth day” rallies across the country a development political observers have said is mobilisation.

The MK leaders that interacted with Gen Museveni included Michael Nuwagira Kaguta also known as Toyota (a brother to the President), Andrew Mwenda, Balam Barugahara, MPs David Kabanda (Kasambya), Lilian Aber(Kitgum district) and Michael Mawanda for Igara East .

“While noting the efforts of the group towards unity and cohesion of the country, he spoke to them about the need for patriotism, Pan-Africanism and democracy in the socio-economic transformation of Uganda and Africa,” a brief from State House read in part .

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has in several tweets declared his eagerness to contest the 2026 Presidential elections.

“The Prime Minister of UK is 42 years old, the Prime Minister of Finland is 37 years. Some of us are hitting 50 years old. We are tired of waiting forever. We will take a stand! Fidel Castro, my HERO, became President at 32 years. I’m about to hit 49 years old. It’s really not right.

The Presidency of the nation is meant for young men. How many agree with me that our time has come? Enough of the old people ruling us. Dominating us. It’s time for our generation to shine,” Gen Muhoozi tweeted as his following on social media has continued to grow .

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