President Yoweri Museveni has endorsed former speaker of parliament Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah’s son, Andrew Ojok to contest for the Omoro County by-election on the NRM ticket .

In a meeting the president convened at his country home in Rwakitura Museveni called on all other NRM aspirants to give way for the youthful Andrew Ojok to replace his father in the 11th parliament . The meeting was called to resolve a stand-off between aspirants and NRM party leaders on the choice of a sole flag bearer for the Omoro County seat.

Ojok and five other candidates have expressed interest in the parliamentary seat to replace the late Speaker Emeritus Oulanyah. Among other candidates include Ben Acellam, Omoro district chairperson Douglas Peter Okello, Francis Rwotlonyo, Richard Bongowat Luganya, and Andrew Olal.

Museveni is reported to have told the meeting that although Oulanyah’s son lacked political and leadership experience, he should be allowed to go on with the race but can later be challenged in the 2026 general election.

“We were not forced, his reason was that Oulanyah had not finished his term and requested that if we accept his request, we allow Ojok to go unopposed but also if we see a problem with it, he will call for the primary election,” sources quoted Museveni as saying.

After President Museveni’s call all the other NRM aspirants unanimously stepped down for Ojok and pledged to support his candidature in a race that will be contested by other candidates from other political parties including FDC. Already Ojok has indicated that the current Speaker of Parliament , Anita Annet Among will be one of his top campaigners .

in a roadmap released by the Electoral Commission recently the by-election for the Omoro seat shall be held on May 26,2022. Nomination of candidates will take place from May 12 to May 13 at Omoro District Council Hall. The campaigns will take place from May 16-24.

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