Lt Col Katabazi Urges Students Leaders to Embrace Right ideologies, Advocates for Nation Building

The Deputy Director General of Internal Security Organization (ISO), Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Emmy Katabazi has urged students’ leaders to embrace the right ideologies of Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, Democracy and Socio-economic Transformation by working towards Nation building.

Lt Col Katabazi made the remarks while offering a lecture of opportunity to Students Leaders who were attending the Kampala Capital City Mid-term Students Leaders Conference organized by Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) at Nabisunsa Girls School on Saturday, July 1, 2023, under the theme “Responsible Leadership in Diversity, Unity and Inclusion.”

He urged the students’ leaders to advocate for Patriotism and Nation building. He also cautioned them against getting involved in un-developmental issues but work towards developing their country Uganda because they are the current leaders.

“What took me to the Mighty UPDF was to ensure that we fight for Africa and its resources. Don’t put personal feelings in leadership but focus on building the country,” Lt Col Katabazi said.

The Deputy Director General called upon the Students Association to wake up and avoid cheap fights and politics that they don’t understand.

“Can the Students Association wake up and stop small fights that can lead you to politics that you don’t understand,” he noted.

He urged students to elect responsible leaders and cautioned them against getting involved in demonstrations and strikes.

“An intellectual shouldn’t support or get involved in strikes and demonstrations, but air out issues affecting you in a more organized way,” Lt Col Katabazi said.

Lt Col Katabazi cautioned student leaders against discrimination but appreciate humanity.

“It’s not important to know the colors and cultures of people but appreciate that we are all humans and appreciate humanity,” Deputy Director General stressed.

The Lt Col warned students against LBTQ+ saying that it is against humanity and using drugs destruct their thinking.

Lt Col Emmy Katabazi was a General  Secretary of UNSA in 1988.

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