Parliament has  approved Katakwi Woman MP retired Maj. Jessica Alupo  and  Robinah Nabbanja as  the new Vice President  and Prime Minister of Uganda, respectively .

Alupo is the second woman   Vice President while  Nabbanja is the first   Leader  of Government Business Uganda has had since independence. The motion seeking Parliament’s approval for Alupo was moved by Ruhinda North MP Thomas Tayebwa and seconded by Worker’s representative Charles Bakabulindi in accordance with Article 108 (2) of the Constitution.  Tayebwa said that Alupo has demonstrated potential to serve and that she is a vibrant and distinguished citizen of Uganda.

After her approval   Alupo  vowed to working with all people regardless of their political shed, background or views to realise Uganda’s development potential.

“I take the opportunity to thank the appointing authority for the great confidence he has placed in me, I will not take it for granted. I promise you and the people of Uganda that I will not spare any energy in me while serving this country on this appointment and we will work closely with you as a team to ensure that we serve this country expeditiously,” she pledged.

Nabbanja promised to strengthen  the link between the executive arm of government and parliament.” I pledged to work with fellow  ministers and MPs to ensure   that the NRM manifesto is effectively implemented especially transforming a good percentage  of the 3.3 million households still in subsistence economy  into money economy .

“Ugandans expect and are yearning for quality service delivery from government. This we can achieve if we put our minds together and focus on timely implementation of government projects and programs,” she added.

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