No Curfew for Arua’s City’s Mighty and Wealthy who Dance the Nights Away

Although Arua City is geographically inside Uganda, the country’s laws on public health and security do not affect the city’s mighty and wealthy, as the national law makers rudely found out on Sunday.

The team MPs arrived in Arua for the ongoing assessment of the Covid-19 pandemic management around the country and were booked into the swanky Desert Breeze Hotel. But the tired honourable members could not sleep because of the carnival atmosphere as the wild disco in the hotel went on non-stop as the city’s mighty and wealthy danced away with a bevy of girls until morning.

The girls of all colours and shapes were reportedly being ferried to the hotel in siren-blaring ambulance-like vehicles so they wouldn’t be disturbed by police as they went to amuse the city’s rich in the night.

On Monday, the MPs who were meeting leaders of Arua City, Arua District, Terego and Madi Okollo were furious with District Police Commander Daniel Obore for allowing the wild transnight discos in his jurisdiction in blatant disobedience of the prudential directives, violation of curfew and reckless behavior guaranteed to spread the deadly coronavirus.

But DPC Obore boldly told the MPs that it is the politicians and public administrators who promote the discos and have soldiers deployed to ensure the violation of curfew prevails and abuse of presidential directives goes on. Obore then risked his very career by saying some of the MPs had themselves joined into the wild disco.

At that moment, the MPs forced Obore to apologise for spoiling their good name and which he promptly did, but said that the truth remains the truth.

Arua Central Division MP Jackson Atima finally made a compromise, middle of the road observation that the MPs just found themselves booked into one of the hotels where the illegal discos take place and it was not their fault they were at the scene of crime. The meeting then proceeded peacefully.

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