The NRM Secretary General Mrs. Kasule Justine Lumumba has dismissed as fake news claims buy certain sections of the media that the NRM Party Presidential candidate ,Gen. Yoweri Museveni had called off his campaigns due to fear of Covid_19.

Accordingly , the Secretary General has released the president’s campaign program for the week indicating that Gen. Museveni ,will  today 16th November 2020,l commence his campaign trail in the Acholi subregion, where he will address a meeting of selected leaders in greater Gulu and then address the residents on all radios in Gulu at 7PM. 

On Tuesday 17th 2020, the president will meet the leaders of Greater Kitgum in the morning and address the residents on radio in the evening.

“Any rumor therefore, to suggest that the president has called off the campaigns is false and should be disregarded with the contempt it deserves. After the Acholi subregion, the candidate will be heading to Karamoja region from Wednesday 18th to Thursday 19th November 2020,” Lumumba stated.

In order to exhibit his fitness levels President Museveni made several push-ups before a cheering crowd of youthful supporters at an open field in Northern Uganda.

The President has already  addressed the youths of West Nile and Lango subregions . He specifically met the youths of various categories, including the District Youth Council Executive Committee, the NRM League DEC, and the NRM district Council NRM flag bearers and district Youth Councilors and the youth parliamentary flag bearer from the region. 

The youth raised a number of issues that included the need for the empowerment of the youths economically and their inclusion in the mobilisation exercise during the campaigns.

Museveni advised the young men and women not to squander their youth-hood by indulging in practices like drugs that can easily ruin their lives. He also advised them to always pursue the correct line that aims at solving people’s problems instead of focusing on politics of identity. He said that youthful life can be a good asset if well utilised to pursue unity of the people.

The president reminded them that NRM has been able to transform Uganda because of doing a correct diagnosis of the problems that had bedeviled Uganda for a very long time. “For instance, by emphasizing people’s problems and taking good policies, the NRM had managed to transform Uganda into an island of stability and prosperity, amidst a see of challenges,” Museveni said.

He advised the youth to concentrate on working hard and become productive. This was the conclusion of the official campaign in Lango and West Nile subregions.

Lumumba called upon the  people who have been invited  to  meet the President to ensure that they have undertaken a Covid-19 test and have received the results and should also comply with the other SOPs including hand washing, temperature check, use a recommended sanitizer, always wear a mask and observe social distancing.

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