Muhakanizi was pushing to restructure OPM over Karamoja mabati –  Nakyobe

The Cabinet Secretary/Head of Public Service Lucy Nakyobe has disclosed that fallen Permanent Secretary and immediate former Treasury Secretary Keith Muhakanizi had not only predicted the Karamoja iron sheets crisis but was preparing a cabinet paper for reforming the Prime Minister’s Office where the scandal occurred.

Addressing mourners at Mukahanizi’s State Funeral, Nakyobe, herself immediate former State House Comptroller who worked closely with Muhakanizi, revealed that he had stormed her office and blamed her for not having inducted Ministers, judging from the way they were storming stores in the scramble for mabati.

Nakyobe revealed that Muhakanizi had actually warned the Ministers that they would be in trouble with the Auditor General if they proceeded conducting themselves in such illegal manner.

Nakyobe has further disclosed that they had agreed that Keith Muhakanizi writes a cabinet paper to restructure the Prime Minister’s Office for presentation on return from hospital in Milan, Italy.

In the event that Muhakanizi has not returned alive from Milani, Nakyobe has implored the president to appoint someone as courageous as Muhakanizi to continue with the restructuring of the OPM.

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