MP begs Gov’t to retain workers who corruptly bought jobs

Ntoroko member of parliament Gerald Ibanda Rwemulikya has pleaded with the public service authorities not to sack the majority of Ntoroko district staff who got their jobs by bribing the top administrators.

The MP’s plea comes after the Ethics and Integrity minister Rose Akello ordering for the arrest of the Ntoroko district Chief Administrative Officer Anselim Kyaligonza, who has been implicated in the sale of district jobs at a minimum of 4 million shillings, with many jobs however going for 12 million shillings.

But the whereabouts of the CAO are currently unknown as he luckilly was not in the vicinity when the angry minister who is on inspection tour of local governments in the region.

But while welcoming the tough approach of the minister, MP Rwemulikya is disturbed that it is coming rather late, as he had been exposing the jobs racket as far back as 2020 when the government should have taken action.

Rwemulikya is further disturbed that the job buyers mostly had to sell family land so as to be able to raise the stiff fees the extortionist administrators, who had relegated the district service commission, were demanding.

The MP is consequently appealing with the government not to throw out the workers because they really have no where to turn to since they already sold their land. 

Meanwhile the hunt is on for the CAO.

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