Ahead of what is expected to be a heated 2021 general election , Buganda’s Katikiiro Charles Peter Mayiga has come out to say that the kingdom will not endorse any presidential candidate to ensure peace and unity .

Mayiga while appearing on one of the local TV stations ,dismissed claims that Buganda had endorsed National Unity Party (NUP) ‘s presidential flag bearer Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine as its preferred candidate . ” We want to maintain peace and unity in Buganda so I can not pick on one candidate in the next general elections.

“Im not going to endrose NRM NUP, FDC or any other party . If for example I endorse people power and Kyagulanyi how do i deal with others who dont support him. we want unity and peace in Buganda ,” Mayiga stated .

Buganda since the promulgation of the 1995 constitution which barred kingdoms from partisan politics has remained apolitical and it seems this trend will be maintained in the run up to the hectic elections season. Buganda still has many unresolved issues which must be handled by the central government but the leadership at Mengo is now pursuing the peaceful negotiations strategy rather than a confrontation one .

The Kabaka Ronald Mutebi occasionally dialogues with President Yoweri Museveni to resolve some of the pending issues including the return of Buganda kingdom property and claimed compensations in billions of shillings . Insiders at mengo told this publication that the Kbaka’s top advisers have consistently advised him not to make similar mistakes that led to the 1966 crisis that saw his father sir Edward Mutesa deposed and die in exile . Mutebi , is the longest reigning king of Buganda.

Mayiga is now spearheading the general development of the kingdom with many inspiring projects to get the Kabaka ‘s subjects out of poverty . the Kingdom has revived coffee farming among many development oriented initiatives .

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