The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has launched-a digital Public Portal as part of easing doing business in Uganda, and taking land services closer to the land owners and users. This , according to the lands Minister  Hon. Judith Nabakooba – is being done to transform the service delivery in the Land sector in Uganda.

“The purpose of the Public Portal is to provide citizens with instant search results for land titles. The Portal will also provide instant results on the status of land transactions and verification of parcel details upon payment of a search fee of UGX 10,000 per search,” Nabakooba stated while launching the on-line services at the Uganda media center in Kampala.

There has been public outcry about delays in the land registration processes coupled with corruption perpetuated by middlemen that hang around land Registration Zonal offices across the country . Now, Nabakooba says with the new systems being put in place under her regime -lead times will be greatly reduced making the processes faster and easy to access , eliminate corruption and generally improve land service delivery in the country.

Lands Minister Nabakooba addressing the media at the Uganda Media Center in Kampala

According to Nabakooba -access to using the Land Information Portals  shall begin with KCCA MZO, which covers Mailo, Freehold and Leasehold land titles in Kibuga and Part of Kyadondo. The other 22 MZOs shall be added in a phased manner and all MZOs shall be connected by the end of June, 2022.

“I believe that the commissioning of this Public Portal will achieve transparency and good land governance and respond to citizens information requests instantly,” the Minister stressed.

How it will work

The users shall be required to register in a very simple and automatic way. The searches performed for registered users shall allow for fast access to accurate information on the ownership, encumbrances and location of land.

Other benefits from using this Portal will include a reduction on interfacing with staff some of whom have been purportedly accused of corrupt tendencies and delays in providing Land related information for decision making.

The Ministry’s Call Centre, which was put in place in August, 2021 shall respond to anyone that may face challenges and requires further support or clarification.  The Toll-Free number is 0800100004 for any query or inquiry.

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