Lands Minister Hon.Judith Nabakooba is traversing the country in a bid to reassure Millions of bibanja holders  that government is committed to give them protection from Illegal land evictions .  

While in  Kyakarinda Village, Kaliro Subcounty  in Lyantonde district on Monday September,27  met over 200 people who are facing eviction by land administrators of a 60.27 hectares of land.  It is alleged that the family of the late George W Ruhetani is threatening  to evict hundreds of squatters from the land.  

However, at meeting of all the concerned parties called by the Minister Nabakooba ,Mr Ezra Mugenyi  who represented the administrators of the disputed land said they made a decision to open boundaries  to know how far the land goes.    He explained that the land was bought in 1977 by their grandfather (RIP) and the estate has to get another care taker.

“There is no body who is chasing these bibanja people off their bibanja.  We have no intentions whatsoever of chasing away bibanja holders. When we opened boundaries we wanted to know the size of the land so that when it comes to sharing it’s done equitably ” he explained to the minister and the residents .  

Minister Nabakooba assured the locals that government will offer them the necessary protection From any illegal evictions. She told the residents that demarcating the land did not  stop them from Using the land.   Nabakooba urged the continue using their bibanja since  the landlord now acknowledges that they  Exist. 

Nabakooba said that she was going to direct the Masaka Land Office to open the boundaries  of the disputed land to establish the rightful owners since the residents  claiming part of the land belongs to the  Buganda Land board.   The minister explained that if the boundaries are opened the residents  will know who their landlords .

 “We are going to ensure that Ugandans are educated about land matters. Once someone is  educated, they  become empowered and they will know how to protect for what is theirs.” Ms Catherine Bamwine the RDC Lyantonde District sated ,” Landlords can always open boundaries  but they can’t evict the tenants without mutual understanding and agreement.”  

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