Dr. Chris Baryomunsi the Minister of ICT and National Guidance, has called on the newly appointed Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) and Resident City Commissioners (RCCs) to communicating government success stories the country’s development agenda .

He said that the RDCs also have a responsibility of sensitizing the masses about the on going government development programs to fight poverty and increase household incomes . He said this can done through the numerous media channels spread across the country including online publications..

Dr. Baryomunsi was addressing RDCs, RCCs and their Deputies now on a two week orientation induction at the National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi.

“No more bushes for wars. The new bush is now communication and technology. Our critics have taken over the media space. We should reclaim it so that we are able to effectively deliver Government messages. Government communication efforts are designed to engage stakeholders and the general public,” Dr Baryomunsi stated .

“We are designing a program between the RDCs and the Ministry to see how we can make your communication work easy. Some of us are strong supporters of RDCs so we should adequately empower you to monitor Government programs. We shall continue to raise it to the President to ensure that you have the capability and capacity to execute your duties very well,” the Minister added .

“Radios which don’t want to host Government officials, we shall handle them. How can a radio station refuse to host a minister or RDC? We shall work with you to streamline all these issues.”

“The Office of the RDC is in charge for that airtime. RDCs should feature in the media programs to articulate Government programs. As RDCs, you are charged with monitoring Government programs in districts, countrywide. You are also responsible for mobilising and sensitizing the public about Government programs. This includes vigorously engaging, communicating and sensitising the public in your areas of jurisdiction,” he said.

“The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance and its agencies remain available to work with you and support you in these efforts.”

Dr. Baryomunsi further rallied RDCs, RCCs and their Deputies to mobilise and sensitise Ugandans to fight poverty through Government development programs such as Parish Development Model (PDM).

“Government has invested in infrastructure and programs to enhance wealth creation for people to move away from subsistence livelihood to money economy through the PDM programme. Our new role is to liberate the poor into the money economy,”he stated.

“Child survival has improved. Our population has increased but the majority are the young people. This is an opportunity but also a challenge. We must give 30 percent of PDM funds to the young people because we don’t want idle youths. Another 30 percent is for women because we don’t want to leave them behind. The same applies to the elderly and PWDs. They are part of this money economy.”

The Minister also cautioned the Commissioners against sectarianism, saying the negative effects of the vice could throw the numerous achievements of Government into mud.

“NRM is not based on tribe or religious sentiments. We all believe that we are all Ugandans and we treat all citizens as Ugandans. We should be patriotic by loving our country.”

Dr. Baryomunsi joined earlier facilitators like UPDF Chief Political Commissar, Maj. Gen. Henry Masiko, and his Deputy, Col. Nelson Aheebwa, and NALI Director, Brig. Gen. Charles Kisembo in highlighting the importance of having a strong ideology. He said NRM’s enemies have no ideology other than fighting President Museveni, and nothing else.

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